Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Is it time for more than one Twitter account?

I was reading this article today "When One Twitter Account Is Not Enough" as I have been considering the mix of tweets I have on twitter.  I blog about sewing, crocheting, other arts and crafts, and food here on Carla's Inspirations. I reflect on my teaching on my blog Dig Belyea.  I include links and blog articles of interest to students at my school at Dig Counseling. All of these blogs are connected with the same email address on blogspot. Would it be more appropriate to keep my crafting separate from my teaching which would be still separate from guidance counseling links of interest to students and parents at my school?  Does the combination of these topics cause concern with my followers at twitter? Right now I have all three of those areas combined on my twitter account @carlasinspirati

Ideas? thoughts? What have you done as an tweeter with multiple interests that may not have an overlap?

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