Saturday, December 29, 2012

Michael Miller Pink Giraffe Love Fuzzy Wuzzy Blanket with Minkee

Oh, I am already in love with the Michael Miller Pink Giraffe Love fabric my sister picked out.  We bought up the last two bolts we could find on etsy a few weeks ago. Yesterday, my sister Theresa picked out some hot pink minkee fabric to put as the backing on the blanket for the baby girl she is expecting. We took all there was on the bolt so I could make a blanket that would be useful for several years, not just for a baby. It is a nice lap blanket size. 

I had a blanket my mom made for me as a child that I called my "fuzzy wuzzy". I slept with it all the way through college and a couple of years into my first job before I bought a larger fleece blanket.  I think this blanket I made for my niece will have the same appeal. It is so fuzzy and soft to the touch.

Princess room decorations in the making

My sister and I went shopping yesterday for fabric to create items to decorate my niece's room.  My niece is expected to arrive in April 2013.

One item I am going to create is a Princess Canopy Turret and I want to make some fabric origami butterflies to decorate the outside.  There is a great tutorial at this blog but the page won't let me pin it to pinterest. I can't wait to create the Princess Canopy Turret, curtains, blanket, burp cloths, and sheets.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

New Dress, Vintage Simplicity Pattern 7383

I designed this dress to have a bit higher neckline.  I really like how it turned out. It is based on this pattern I bought almost a year ago: Simplicity 7383

This is how it turned out for me. My only upgrade next time will be the neck binding. What they had was much to tiny to act as a facing, but not quite wide enough to be used like bias tape, even though it was cut on the bias. I have some turquoise and brown material which I will be making into a dress like this next.

How to use Flickr photos as Buttons

After reading this blog post by Print Smitten that had a collection of free social media buttons in different colors, I wanted to know how to add them to my page. I had worked with the html before and I knew a little bit, but there were some vital links missing.  Finally I found Sew Many Way's blog post that gave a great step by step of how to edit the html of a page to include the buttons but she used photobucket, which is an account I don't have.

I wanted to use flickr to make this on my blog.

Here is how to get the img src link from flickr to use in Sew Many Way's instructions for step 2 and 3.

Upload your photo to flickr.

Click on Share, then go to Grab the HTML/BBCode and copy and paste the code that is there.

Copy and paste that code into a word processing document. Select the text from the img src portion of the code.

You are now ready to work on Step 5 of Sew Many Way's blog post.  You could make your life easier by copying the code on my page to enter into step 5. Right click my blog, choose "View Page Source", search for pinterest, then copy the lines associated with the content you want (lines 961 to 969 in the example below.

You can copy that code into your word processor, make the appropriate changes to the urls that apply for your content, then copy and paste it like steps 7 and 8 discuss.

Good luck! Hopefully your blog will look better and better as you add new items of interest to it.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas decorations from my Christmas ornament swap

These are the ornaments I received for Craft Goodies ornament exchange. Which one is yours? Do you have a blog I can link to?

Ornament 1: Snowman on a Lid from DeAnn Appelhans

Ornament 2: Crocheted Stocking from Amy at
Ornament 3: Burlap covered Ball

Ornament 4: Manger in Scrabble Tiles

Ornament 5: Button covered Ball

Ornament 6: Gingerbread House
Ornament 7: Bottle Top "Let It Snow" ornament

Ornament 8: A glass snowman that fell from my hands and shattered into a million pieces :( from Rhiannon Padgett at

Trade-a-holics Christmas Secret Santa Exchange Gift

So this year I participated with a group of ladies on etsy who all like to swap and trade the things they make. I made a set of potholders for this years secret Santa swap. It was my first attempt at quilting and it went well.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Christmas Ornament Exchange

Over the last couple of weeks I have had fun creating some unique Christmas ornaments for an exchange with

Ornament 1: Green metallic creative twist paper with Christmas colored lace
Ornament 2: Pink Batik with lace
Ornament 3: Orange cotton with lace
Ornament 4: Pink and Orange cotton with lace

Ornament 5: Blue floral cotton yo-yos with white topped pins
Ornament 6: Purple cotton with lace
Ornament 7: Burgundy batik with burgundy lace

Ornament 8: Green metallic creative twist paper with Christmas colored lace

Ornament 9: Green metallic creative twist paper with white lace and purple buttons

Ornament 10: Pastel purple, green, and blue yoyos with pearl topped pins

Looking forward to new ornaments from the 10 women who have my name in the Christmas ornament exchange.