Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas decorations from my Christmas ornament swap

These are the ornaments I received for Craft Goodies ornament exchange. Which one is yours? Do you have a blog I can link to?

Ornament 1: Snowman on a Lid from DeAnn Appelhans

Ornament 2: Crocheted Stocking from Amy at
Ornament 3: Burlap covered Ball

Ornament 4: Manger in Scrabble Tiles

Ornament 5: Button covered Ball

Ornament 6: Gingerbread House
Ornament 7: Bottle Top "Let It Snow" ornament

Ornament 8: A glass snowman that fell from my hands and shattered into a million pieces :( from Rhiannon Padgett at


  1. Hi Carla!!! The crochet stocking was from me! I hope you had a very Merry Christmas! :)And a Happy New Year!

    I have a little blog here:


  2. Hey Carla! The shattered snowman was from me. I'm sending out replacements on Monday so maybe it will survive and be on your tree next year!!