Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The five F's of New Years Resolutions

I was reading Infarrantly Creative's blog post about New Year's Resolutions and I liked her reference to the five F's

faith, family, friends, fiscal and fitness

For me this year I want to resolve to do these things:

Faith: Read a proverb each day and consider its implications for my life.

Family: Spend significant time talking with my husband.

Friends: Use Skype to communicate with my friends and keep connections fresh.

Fiscal: Attend Dave Ramsey's new Financial Peace University 9 week class with my husband and implement 2 new ideas into our financial life.

Fitness: Get 30 minutes of moderate exercise as counted by my ActiveLink device 4 days per week. 

There they are, 5 resolutions that I think I can follow through on and that will make my life better. 


  1. Carla good for you! I attended Dave Ramsey's FPU and I can't rave about it enough. In fact, I took it twice because it didn't sink deep enough the first time I suppose. If you take it check back in with me and tell me what you think! Good luck on your F's this year.

    1. I am actually taking Dave Ramsey's FPU for the second time as well. I want to see what is new in his new series and help my husband see some more areas where we can grow financially as a family. I am totally excited about the new program!